Do It Yourself In-Text Software
Website owners know which ads match their content. Intopic Software allows you to place your own ads on your own sites. Match your ad network with your site
Ad Serving Software
Offer Your Own Ad Space
Comprehensive Reporting
Easy Implementation
Create Internal Links to Relevant Products
Keyword Bidding System
9x CTR Micro-Banner Technology

5 Great Reasons to Use InTopic’s In-text Software!

Use an In-text ad placement software that will make you more money … Guaranteed!!!

InTopic Media’s in-text advertising software maximizes your website’s profitability delivering ads you select that are relevant and, targeted receiving high click-through rates. That means better revenue for you! No matter how big or how small your website, you can use InTopic Media’s In-text SaaS to start making money today.

Innovative, 9x CTR Micro-Banner™ Technology!
Offer Your Own Intext Ads
Stylish In-Text Advertising Adds No Site Clutter (Non-intrusive Look and Feel)
More Ad Coverage Means More Ad Revenue
Numerous Ad Placement Options

Do your websites contain original content? Use InTopic today and start earning more money from your websites!  Using InTopic is fast and easy. Online registration takes only minutes to set up. You can quickly access our publisher dashboard to begin tracking your site’s in-text ad results and obtain instant usage reports.

Use our software to link editorials to products.  Simply select the keywords in the text and place products offered as the ad.